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JLGB Kosher DofE
Season 2017:
Last Chance to Apply to Start Your Training



Do not worry if training at your school has started or finished already, this one day training is all you need to attend in order to catch up with whatever has taken place already in school and will bring you right back up to where your friends will be.

APPLY NOW: www.jlgb.org/dofe

Aged 13-15 and in Yr 9 or 10?

You have ONE LAST CHANCE TO DO YOUR TRAINING THIS YEAR as we are holding a final expedition training session for Bronze and Silver DofE on Sunday 9th April in Borehamwood.

This one day training will cover:
Orienteering skills
Expedition first aid
Emergency procedure
Campsite cookery skills
Everything you need to safely complete your expedition!

Thanks to the support of the Pears Foundation, this year has seen record numbers of DofE with JLGB sign ups, as 900 young people embark on their DofE adventure. This is great as it means more young people than ever are taking the challenge on their Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. This in turn means more youth social action in the community, more life skills being learnt, more physical activity being undertaken and more of the beautiful British countryside being explored!

If you have not signed up to take part in DofE with JLGB (the only fully Kosher licensed organisation) this year, then time is almost up for you to grab the opportunity of a lifetime to really push yourself out of your comfort zone. However, you do have one last chance to do exactly that! We are holding one last expedition training session for Bronze and Silver DofE on Sunday 9th April in which you will be fully trained in all things expedition.

To prepare to venture out into the countryside with your group, you must first be trained in the outdoor arts. This one day training session will cover orienteering skills, expedition first aid, how to pitch a tent, emergency procedures and how to prepare your very own meal with camping equipment amongst many other skills that will help you safely complete your expedition and serve you well throughout life!

After this, there will be no more opportunities to do your training for Kosher DofE with JLGB until next year so don’t miss out, APPLY NOW! 

DofE is the world’s leading achievement award for young people and something that universities, employers and the wider world recognise and take serious notice of so please don’t allow yourself to miss this final chance of the year.

Cost: from as little as £99!

Get your friends and apply now @ www.jlgb.org/dofe

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