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JLGB Supports AJEX Veterans on Mitzvah Day

Over 160 members, leaders and Old Comrades from the JLGB joined the AJEX Annual Remembrance Parade and Ceremony on Sunday 18th November. Spectators lined the streets of Whitehall to witness The Band of the Scots Guards and the Massed Bands of the JLGB march towards the Cenotaph along with thousands of veterans and their families from across the country. This year’s Parade was particularly poignant because it was the 100th year since the first armistice making it even more important to remember our fallen Jewish soldiers. It also coincided with Mitzvah Day, making the JLGB volunteer contribution that much greater.

The ceremony was conducted by the Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, Rabbi Reuben Livingstone and Rabbi Harry Jacobi and commemorated the centenary of the end of World War I, the Battle of Amiens marking the beginning of the last 100 days of war. The 75th anniversary of the Dam Busters Raid and the centenary of the formation of the Royal Air Force were also marked. The JLGB was proud to have senior youth leader Josh Collins lay a wreath on behalf of the JLGB and Youth Contingents.

The JLGB is proud to be not only a very British organisation, but one that is equally proud of its Jewish roots, culture, heritage and beliefs. As the years pass by, it falls to the younger generations of the Jewish community to carry the torch of remembrance and the JLGB is proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with AJEX in memory of all those who fought and died for Britain and for the future of the Jewish people.

The occasion is especially poignant for the JLGB as they remember the 535 JLB (Jewish Lads’ Brigade as it was then) members who lost their lives fighting in the First World War. JLGB members were involved in almost every aspect of the Parade, from carrying standards, pushing wheelchairs, handing out orders of service, playing in the bands, and acting as marshals and markers for this important British Jewish event.

Neil Martin OBE, JLGB CEO said:

“Every year, the JLGB takes on more and more responsibility for the Parade, a commitment that is not taken lightly, and is undertaken with tremendous pride and honour from every generation of the JLGB. Service to the community has always been at the heart of JLGB life and as such there has always been a very special relationship and bond with AJEX.”

Ron Shelley MBE FCA, Parade Commander said:

“We’re the only community in this country, and the only Jewish community in the world that has this sort of parade in its national capital. It’s a reminder of two things: firstly of what our community has contributed and the duty and responsibility it has taken on, and secondly it’s a reminder that we have a life because so many young men and women gave up theirs 75 years ago. We Jews in particular are entitled never to forget that. That’s why my friends and I march year on year and why we will continue to do so.”

Yvette Zinger, Senior Youth Leader said:

“AJEX Parade really is one of the most important events in the JLGB calendar. It is the one event a year we can all come together as British Jews and pay our respects to the brave soldiers that fought to allow us our freedom to be both British and Jewish. It is about showing how proud we are to be British Jews of the past, present and future.”

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