Due to the COVID-19 restrictions we are not running any face-to-face youth provision at this time. However, the good news is that JLGB Virtual is continuing every Monday - Thursday until the end of August. Watch now at www.jlgb.org/virtual

Volunteering & Social Action

As well as having a great time and meeting lots of new, like-minded people, volunteering and working with causes that have social action at their core is one of the ways in which JLGB members grow into active, committed and responsible citizens.

Working with vInspired, the UK's leading youth volunteering charity that connects young people with volunteering opportunities is one way in which our members develop personally as well as having a positive impact in both the Jewish and wider communities.

In their own words 'We believe that young people's creativity, energy and optimism can change the world. We're dedicated to helping them improve their skills, confidence and employability whilst doing things they really care about.'

'We provide opportunities for all young people to do good things – whatever they're into, wherever they are and however much time they have to give. We make volunteering fun, rewarding and easy!'

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