Volunteer Helpers

Across the JLGB, we have over 300 dedicated, hard-working and committed volunteers who give up their valuable time to help train, teach, coach and mentor the next generation of forward-thinking young Jewish people.

They play an enormous part in everything we do and we are also immensely proud that last year, an extra 150 adult volunteers gave up their time to help the JLGB's DofE participants complete the Expedition section of their Award. However, as the number of young Jewish people doing their Kosher DofE with JLGB continues to grow, the number of vounteers needed has grown too!

Are you able to give up a day or even just a few hours to help us out?

All the information you need will be provided before you start and we are especially looking for:


We need people who are happy to walk with a Bronze group on the first day of their Practice Expedition. An adult presence will give them immense confidence especially as they embark on this new experience.


It’s important that we meet groups at regular and pre-determined checkpoints to keep an eye on their progress and to refill water bottles over the course of their Bronze and Silver expeditions.


If you are able to give a little time, please call 020 8530 8220 or email dofe@jlgb.org today.

We really do appreciate any help or time you can give.




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