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When applying on our site you should select the School or DofE open group that you are going to be doing your Duke Of Edinburgh's Award with. Please note that you are only a JLGB member if you currently attend a JLGB Group on a weekly basis.

Yes, by all means, but for one of the two longer sections (your choice which) you will have to complete a further 6 months of the same activity.

Yes, you can take part if you're in Year 10 (or the equivalent) in School or as long as you're aged 15 by the end of August in the year of your assessed expedition. However, you will have to wait until you are 15 1/2 (16 if you have not completed your Bronze) until you can complete the Silver Award.

Yes, this is an option available to fill out on the application form. Alternatively, feel free to contact the JLGB Office on 020 8530 8220 where we will be happy to discuss payment options and methods with you. Please note that monthly installments are the norm, but other variations can be arranged if required.

Yes. If you would like to talk to a member of our team about financial assistance, please call the JLGB office on 020 8530 8220 where we will be more than happy to discuss the matter in complete confidence. Please do not let finances detract you from participating in such a well regarded Award that will aid you in your future.

Please see our terms and conditions at

We would hope that all of your questions are answered on this page. If however, you have a query that we haven't covered, please feel free to contact the DofE Team at our office who will always be more than happy to help you with any inquiry you have. Our email address is and you can also contact us by phoning 0208 530 8220.

Unfortunately, DofE rules stipulate that a family member cannot sign a booklet to confirm participation or completion in any section. The only people that can sign you off are adults with relevant qualifications or experience. Music teachers or sports coaches are perfect examples of those that can approve a section for your DofE.

Go to the evolve website – – where you will find lots of volunteering opportunities that will fit with your DofE award.  If you are still having problems, you can call 0208 989 5743 and speak to a member of evolve who will be happy to discuss a whole range of volunteering opportunities with you - from helping at the City Farm to teaching elderly people how to get the best out of their iPad!  



You cannot count actively participating in a sport towards the Skill section of your award but if you learn to become a coach or an umpire or referee, this could be your skill. If you are struggling to find an activity for your Skill (or any other) section then there is a list of what activities you can do for each section on the DofE web site here - DofE Sections

Changes to DofE Bronze Expeditions will be updated in FAQs shortly

We work in partnership with the Jewish Schools so the dates of the expeditions are confirmed and agreed with each school a long time in advance of the expedition itself. 

You can find the dates of your expeditions, as well as applying, here. To find your specific dates and information, simply click on your School or DofE Open Group and then the level that you will be participating in.

We work in partnership with the Jewish Schools so the dates of the expeditions are confirmed and agreed with each school, a long time in advance of the expedition itself.

Yes, if you contact us at the JLGB Office on 020 8530 8220 or email and request that we send a letter to the School that you attend, we can do so. We dont routienly contact the schools as some schools insist that requests like this are made personaly by the participant or their parents. 

The Practice expedition is compulsory. You MUST have completed a practice expedition of the relevent level (Bronze, Silver or Gold) before taking part in an assessed expedition. It is one of the 20 Expedition Assesment Conditions that the Duke of Edinburgh's Award specifies - Condition 7: "You must undertake at least one practice expedition at each level of the DofE. You should do this in the same mode of travel and in a similar environment to the qualifying expedition."

You can find the dates of your expeditions as well as applying Here. To find your specific dates and information, simply click on your School or DofE Open Group and then the level of the award (or expedition option if relevant to you) that you will be participating in.

Yes, but if you wish to do so, please give as much notice as possible as changing can be disruptive to both the group you are leaving and to the one you are joining. This is also reliant on there being space in a suitable group for you to join.

No, the JLGB book and pay for all campsites on all expeditions except for the Gold assessed expeditions.

Yes, there will be at least 1 member of staff of each gender(for mixed groups) at the campsite at all times and are available for participants to speak to at any point during the night if a problem arises. All staff that camp overnight are fully CRB/DBS checked and will be a member of staff from your school or a member of JLGB staff.

All of our expeditions are as safe. They are however designed to be adventurous and remote (for Gold) which can make the risk slightly higher, but every effort and over 50 years of experience helps us to make them as safe as possible. The sense of adventure is what makes the expedition such a great experience for all who participate. We have GPS trackers for all groups who undertake their expeditions as well as leaders and adult volunteers along the Bronze and Silver routes.

The expedition will continue as long as we are sure that conditions remain safe for you to walk in. In the extremely rare event that cancelation is deemed necessary, you will be contacted by text message and email on the morning of the expedition as this allows us the maximum amount of time to assess conditions.

Security is something we take incredibly seriously and your protection is a primary concern for us when organising, and whilst on expeditions. For the entirety of your expedition, there will be a DofE coordinator in range, volunteers at checkpoints and you will have GPS trackers in each group as well as an emergency phone. There will always be at least two members of staff who are fully CRB/DBS checked at the campsite overnight too (at least 1 of each gender), whose location all participants will be made aware of when they arrive at the end of the day, and will be available for you to speak to should an issue arise. We also only use campsites belonging to the Scout or Guides, or that we have used previously and are happy are safe and secure.

It does tend to change from campsite to campsite but on the whole, the campsites we book should have a toilet at the very least, and showers are becoming more and more common on the campsites. There will also be facilities for washing up your food and cooking utensils too.

There is a training session dedicated entirely to menu planning, cooking and food for your expedition where you will find out all you need to know about all things food related. However, the cost of the food is split evenly across the group and you yourselves decide what you eat whilst. This is normally done either by each group member providing a part of the food, or 1 person buying all of the food and then the others paying them a share back.

Yes, it MUST be in either in the London Beth Din kosher guide or marked with a Hechtsher - a basic kosher guide will be sent out to you before all expeditions or can be downloaded here. All expeditions are milky so no meat is allowed to be consumed whilst on expedition, as well as the fact that meat will most likely go off whilst in your rucksack. The cooking stoves we provide are milky and strictly kosher and if any meaty or non-kosher food is used in them, you will have to pay for a replacement.

No, it is not allowed as vegetarian does not neccesarily mean that something is kosher. Only strictly kosher food is permitted on our expeditions which is why we are the only fully licensed Jewish organisation for running kosher DofE. However, you will find many items of vegetarian food do, in fact, feature a hechsher or are in the kosher guide which means you can bring these items along on your expedition.

In each expedition group there must be between 5 and 7 people. It is one of the 20 expedition conditions that the Duke of Edinburgh's Award set and and there is no leeway on these numbers as they are stipulated to ensure you stay safe on your expedition. This rule applies to all DofE groups nationally.

NO, you have to walk with a group containing between 5 and 7 people as stated by the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Head Office in the 20 expedition conditions. However, on the first day of your Bronze practice expedition, your group will be accompanied by an adult to ensure you are both capable and safe.

If, in the unlikely event that at some point whilst doing the award, you have an issue with members of the group that cannot be resolved, there is a possibility that we can move you into a different group. Please speak to one of our team, either at the training, on Expedition or in the office.

The simple answer is no. Your expeditions are designed to be an independent and self reliant experience which put you in an environment that you are not nessecarily used to. You will have 1 mobile phone in each group which is an emergency phone and is sealed to prevent use except for in an emergency (this needs to be provided by the group). All other phones among the group should either be left at home or handed in at the start of the expedition when we ask the group to hand in the phones. If you are caught in possesion of a phone, it may jeapordise both your own and your groups succesful completion of the expedition section.

Prior to your expedition, your group will agree who will bring their phone to be used as the emergency phone. It will be sealed at the start of the expedition to keep it safe and dry and to remove any temptation you may have to use it unless there is an emergency.

Don't Worry, everyone does, relax and see what you discover. If you are lost either retrace your steps until you find your route again or useing your map and compass find where you are and find your way back to the route. If you are really lost we will use the GPS tracker with your group and come and find you, we have never lost a group. 

Rucksacks are handed out at the start of the expedition, and not before, because when we have tried to hand them out prior to the expedition in the past it has unfortunately resulted in kit being left at home which hindered the group. It also allows us to aid you whilst packing your rucksack to make sure it is packed in the most efficient way possible.

Yes, keeping religious practices is something we pride ourselves on at JLGB DofE which is why we run Shabbat friendly and fully kosher expeditions. If you would like to Daven on expedition, please feel free to bring your Teffilin along and just inform your expedition coordinator that you wish to do so. Your Tefilin will be stored safely and securely on the JLGB van to ensure safe carriage and will only be handed out if requested. We do ask that you mark your name on the container.

Yes, all expeditions end at (or very near to) a train or tube station. Please inform us in advance if you do plan to make your own way home. Oyster cards or money should be handed in at the start of the expedition for safe keeping.

It is an extremely unlikely and rare occurrence that the decision will be made to postpone an expedition. If however, an expedition is postponed, we will liaise with your school to reschedule for the closest available and most convenient time possible. If you cannot attend, then a refund can be organised.

On your DofE expedition, there will be independent accredited DofE assessors who will assess and eventually pass your group so that you can move on to the next level of your DofE! You don't have to worry about this we will make sure that they are there for you.

Don't Worry, everyone does, relax and see what you discover. Part of your expedition training covers what to do if your group get lost. If your group do happen to get lost, either retrace your steps until you find your route again, or using your map and compass, find where you are and work your way back en route. Remember also, that we have GPS Trackers on your group and can see where you are, so you are never truly lost.

On your DofE expedition, we provide you with walking rucksacks, tents to camp in, roll mats to sleep on, an appropriate first aid kit, a GPS tracker for us to follow your progress, relevant maps with map cases and a compass, fully kosher camping stoves (Trangia) and fuel for the stove. All of the equipment we provide is included in the cost of your Duke of Edinburgh's Award and is checked and approved by professionals with the relevant qualifications to ensure that the items you use are not only safe, but also aid you on your expedition.

Each participant must have a small personal first aid kit, this should include the basic items for minor bumps and scrapes, as well as personal medication like asthma inhalers and epipens. JLGB do provide a group first aid kit which has everything that you should need in the unlikely event of a more serious incident. You can find a first aid kit list at Part of your training will be to learn basic first aid which is also useful knowledge for you in everyday life too and will stand you in good stead.

We hand expedition kit out when all the group members have arrived because it allows us to make sure that everyone is present and that all kit is evenly and fairly distributed across your group.

You are required to wear walking boots for your Duke of Edinburgh's award for your own safety. The high ankle support provides protection for the ankles to help reduce the likelihood of you rolling your ankle. The reinforced sole protects the foot from harsh ground and rugged terrain. The waterproofing of a walking boot not only keeps your feet dry but more importantly helps to prevent blisters from forming in a damp environment where they would normally thrive. This is a rule that is stipulated by the DofE and like many of the others, is there for your personal safety.

No, they do not provide either the support or grip needed whilst on an Expedition and carrying a large rucksack over rough ground.

Yes, you can, but for items of group equipment you have to use the kit that JLGB provide. These items are your tent, stove, first aid kit, fuel, tracker, maps and map cases. These items are provided to keep you safe in the most efficient way possible.

If you visit any outdoor pursuits shop they should stock all that you could possibly need for your expedition and the staff will be fully aware of what the Duke of Edinburgh's Award is and will be more than happy to help you. If you want any information about expedition equipment, please feel free to phone up the JLGB office on 0208 530 8220, email us on or ask one of our expedition trainers when we visit you in school for your training session or when your Open Group training takes place. We have found the best shops to visit to buy kit and equipment are Millets, Blacks, Go Outdoors or Cotswold Outdoors. Every DofE participant receives a discount card for 15% off at Cotswold Outdoors. We do recommend that you try kit on before you purchase it as it is important that you are comfortable wearing and using it on an expedition.

Don't worry it can still be used up until 31st March 2015.

Both the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Head Office and the JLGB advise you to wear walking trousers or synthetic tracksuit bottoms and NOT to wear any items of clothing that contain a majority of cotton fibre, so no jeans, chinos or cotton tracksuit bottoms as these are neither practical nor sensible for you to walk in as they just absorb your sweat and any other liquid they come into contact with. You HAVE to wear trousers as shorts do not protect your legs from thorns or stinging nettles whereas trousers do. We also advise that t-shirts are wickable and made of a man made fiber so that they take the sweat away from your skin which in turn keeps you more comfortable. Light weight fleece jumpers are best over the top as they don't take up too much room in the rucksacks. A full kit list is available to download Here

eDofE is now an essential part of your DofE experience and has been designed specifically to make it as user friendly as possible as well as making your DofE a more streamlined process than in the past. One of your training sessions is dedicated to eDofE and we will teach you what you need to know such as how to upload evidence, how to keep track of your progress and an easy way to contact your DofE Coordinator via eDofE. If you would like some help with eDofE, you can talk to your school DofE Coordinator and they will be able to help you or you can contact us at the office by emailing or phoning 0208 530 8220.

Uploading evidence to eDofE is much like uploading evidence to any other website. Just select the section you want to upload to, whether it is your assessors report and select the file. Don't forget to select a leader to submit it to so that it can be approved.

You can upload almost any file type to eDofE, Photos, videos, PDF's word or Excel or even just type straight into eDofE itself. 

An assessors report is the final (and the only compulsory) bit of evidance you need to upload. It can be either a photo or scan of your signed keeping track booklet. Your Assessor can also go to the main DofE website and imput a report directly into your eDofE profile. (for security it is first approved by a member of staff) all they need is your eDofE ID number (it is in the top left hand corner of your edofE profile) and to know what level you are doing. they should go to

Upon enrollment your initial password will be your eight digit date of birth DDMMYYYY (no space,? or -). When you log in to eDofE for the first time, you have to change this password. Make sure it is something you remember as you will be using eDofE frequently during your Duke of Edinburgh's Award. If your forget your password there is an option below the password box where you can click "Forgot your password?" which will take you through the process of resetting your password.

Yes, your eDofE profile needs to have a photograph of you for reference purposes. This picture can only be seen by you and your DofE leaders. It does however need to be a photo of you and one that is easily identifiable.

Your username for eDofE will be your forename and surname with no space in between a eg johnsmith. If you posses a common name then there may be a number suffixing your name which will be documented in the initial email you receive when your eDofE profile is set up.

All you have to do for your expedition is fill in your aims and goals, we will do everything else. 

You will have to fill in a programme planner for each activity section of your DofE, it lets your leaders check that you are doing the correct activity. You will need to know:

  • The date you wish to start
  • the activity you will be doing
  • Where you will be doing it
  • What you want to acheive whilst doing it
  • Who will be assessing you
  • What their qualifications of expirience is
  • Their contact details either email or phone number (these can be for the school/centre and dont have to be personal)

Your health and comfort is paramount, so if there is any way that we can cater for your individual needs we will do our best to ensure they are met. On presentation of a signed doctors note, you will have to pack a normal rucksack, as the rest of your group will, which will then go on the JLGB van where you can collect and use at the campsite. Any essential items (food, water & waterproofs) will be packed into a smaller, more manageable sized day sack and carried as you would a normal, full sized rucksack.

For your Bronze Award you will be doing 2 of the sections for 3 months and 1 section for 6 months. The 3 sections are Physical, Skills & Volunteering as well as the expedition section which is all taken care of for you. You can do all 3 sections at once or one at a time, as long as you have finished the entire award before your 25th birthday.

 If you have questions about your volunteering section,  evolve, the JLGB’s young volunteering initiative, can help you find your placement and complete this section of your DofE.  Go to and discover a revelation in youth volunteering.  

For your Silver Award you will be Volunteering for 6 months, and the Skill or the Physical section you will also be 6 months with the other for 3 months. If you have not completed your Bronze you will have to do an extra 6 months in one of the 6 month sections making it 12 months. You can do all 3 sections at once or one at a time, as long as you have finished the entire award before your 25th birthday.

If you have questions about your volunteering section, evolve, the JLGB's young volunteering initiative, can help you find your placement and complete this section of your DofE. Go to and discover a revelation in youth volunteering.

For your Gold Award you will be volunteering for 12 months, you also have to do 12 months in one of the Skills or Physical section with the other being for 6 months. If you have not completed your Silver you will have to do an extra 6 months in one of the 12 month sections making it 18 months. There is also a 5th residential section at Gold where you will Undertake a shared activity in a residential setting away from home for 5 days and 4 nights. You can do all 4 sections at once or one at a time, as long as you have finished the entire award before your 25th birthday.

 If you have questions about your volunteering section,  evolve, the JLGB’s young volunteering initiative, can help you find your placement and complete this section of your DofE.  Go to and discover a revelation in youth volunteering.  

It is essential that you look after the Welcome Pack as we cannot replace them if lost. However, we can email you a PDF Document which you can print and complete as you would the Original Welcome Pack or you can fill the sheet in electronically and then upload it to eDofE.

You have until your 25th birthday to complete your Duke of Edinburgh's Award but we advise that you try and complete it well before then as University or your Job will (quite rightly) take priority and you may not complete your award which would be a great shame.

Your health and well being is of the up most importance to us and we take every precaution on your expedition to make it as safe and enjoyable for you as possible. As part of your training you will undertake, and are required to attend, basic first aid training and will be capable of dealing with a whole host of injuries whilst on your expedition should something occur. On all of our DofE expeditions, there are staff who are first aid trained and will endeavor to deal with as much as possible. Where necessary we will contact parents via the details given on application forms. We do ask that in the instance of an emergency, the group call the expedition coordinator (whose number you are given at the start of the expedition) first and not parents. The reason for this is that each group is fitted with a GPS tracker so we can accurately locate then attend to the group. We urge that you use discretion when using the emergency phone in the unlikely event of an injury and fully assess the severity of the situation before contacting the emergency services. In a case where participants cannot complete the expedition, parents will be contacted and a collection will be arranged. Not finishing an expedition does not have to mean that a participant cannot complete their expedition section, each case will be dealt with separately.

Your award will be presented to you when you have completed each section of your award fully and had it approved via eDofE. Certificates and badges are usually presented via your school, this is not always done immediately as they like to wait until they have a few together or a big assembly/prize evening. If you prefer you can request that it is sent directly to you, just contact the JLGB office. If you have completed your Gold award you will recieve this from St James's Palace and is organised by DofE head office.

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