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Using the Enterprise Award

If you are a member of JLGB there are a lot of overlaps between JLGB and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.  Like JLGB, the DofE is all about getting out there, having fun, self-development and learning new skills. 

You can’t complete the DofE with a short burst of energy and enthusiasm, you need to show commitment, persistence and hard work but one of the great things about JLGB is that you can use your JLGB Enterprise Award credits towards up to three DofE sections:

Citizenship & CommunityVolunteering
Learning & Creativity
Social & Emotional
Active & HealthyPhysical

How does The Enterprise Award work?

You can get two enterprise credits for each session you participate in. This means that you can get four points each week and even more for outside activities and camps.-

When you sign up for the DofE with JLGB, let your JLGB leader know and they will activate your profile on our online system to start counting your credits. Once this is activated you will get an email alert as soon as you have reached your required target in each section.

When you have started collecting your credits you will need to upload as much evidence as possible onto eDofE. The more information and photographs you upload the better your Achievement Pack will be, the more you have to show a future employer and university!

Don’t forget that for the Volunteering section you can help at a JLGB junior group and this can also help towards your promotions and training. The only section you can’t do on your weekly JLGB night is the Expedition section. For this you will need to do some additional training, either some extra weekly session or over two Sundays followed by your practice and assessed expeditions.

DofE Timescale Enterprise Points
Three months 20 points
Six months 40 points
Twelve months 80 points
Eighteen months 120 points

Please call our DofE Team on 0208 530 8220 or email dofe@jlgb.org if you have any qualms, queries or questions!

To apply for your DofE click Apply Now at the top of the page.



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