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Fond Memories

Date & Time: 19th November 2016 | 7.30pm start 
(Reveille at 8pm | Retreat 11pm JMT)
Venue: Bushey Country Club, High Street, Bushey, Hertfordshire, WD23 1TT
Cost: £22.50 per head
(payable in advance | Entrance by ticket issued online only)


Whether your time in JLGB (JLB or JGB) was for a month, a year, decades or is still current, you have fond memories.

From out of nowhere, the recent Facebook group, ‘How many Ex JLGB ers can we get to post fond memories’ has gone wild with over 1300 people expressing their most memorable stories, incidents and events - wrapped up in the unexplained parcel that we know as "JLGB".

This fantastic Facebook Group cried out for an opportunity to meet up with old friends (some not so old), some you haven't seen or spoken to for many years, to continue a trend and to reminisce our "Fond Memories". That opportunity has now been prepared and booked.

We expect a great response to what will be a truly fantastic, fun, nostalgic and memorable evening. Do not delay - fill out the form below to apply for your ticket(s). Don’t forget to check that your friends and family have also applied (there may be many that are not on Facebook) as we expect to reach our limited numbers fairly quickly.

We look forward to seeing you at JLGB Fond Memories on 19th November, and you may also like to join your friends and support or march on the AJEX Remembrance parade the next day.


We'll collect info below about each person and create name tags for the event

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We suggest a minimum donation of £22.50 per head in order to cover the costs for this event. We would also very much appreciate any additional donation you can make.

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