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NCS Graduate Profiles


Name: Ellie Levine

School: King Solomon High School
Favourite film: The Kings Speech
One word to describe NCS
: Inspiring

 ellie pic graduate page

Why did you decide to go on to NCS?

Because it seemed like a good opportunity for someone my age and to meet people of different faiths, especially when you’ve been at a Jewish school your entire life. I also really wanted to get involved in the social action side of things, because it’s not every day that you get the chance to give something back.

What would you say to someone thinking about applying for NCS 2016?

I would say that it is an amazing opportunity and you only get a chance to do it once, so you should take this chance whilst you have it because it will change your life. You will be given amazing opportunities that normally wouldn’t be available. For example we got the chance to visit a newsroom, and see how it all comes together.

We often describe NCS as a life changing three weeks, would you agree?

Definitely! It has opened my eyes to a lot of things, and if I could do it again, I definitely would! I always thought about going into journalism, and going on NCS and learning and gaining new skills about journalism finalised my decision.

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Do you feel meeting people from different backgrounds on NCS is beneficial, if so why?

Definitely, because a lot of people don’t tend to mix with teenagers of different religions and it shows the world that despite all the fighting, we’re really not that different. NCS also offered me the chance to express myself regardless of where I come from, or my beliefs. It’s simply a programme for everyone whether you’re very religious or an atheist.

What was your favourite part of NCS? 

My favourite part was the social action week, because it was amazing to see how happy it made people, when out helping them.

Funniest moment?

When a girl in my group fell into a pit of muddy water and it took four of us to help her out - she was laughing with us.

gpic 2

So what skills did you gain from NCS?

Communication skills, online blogging, budgeting, money management, project management, teamwork, presentation skills. The list of skills is endless, NCS taught me so much, and things that I can use in life, rather than the lessons they teach you in class.

What did you do for your final social action project?

We came up with a project called, “We Are the People of London”, similar to the “Humans Of New York” Facebook page- we went to various homeless shelters with care packages (woolly socks, gloves, cupcakes and toothbrushes) and spoke to the people that were staying there and asked them about their situations. 
We then took pictures of them and posted the pictures and their stories online. We gained quite a following and I feel as though we really made a difference to these people by spreading awareness. Most homeless people aren’t in that situation because of something they’ve done, they were just victims of circumstance. 

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