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JLGB Israel Tour

The Programme

Israel is a wonderfully diverse, exciting country and we have tried to pack as much as possible into one fantastic, memorable, brilliant summer!

There are six main themes to JLGB #ISRAEL Tour and each one ensures that you experience everything about the country – with a jam packed schedule!


Marvel at the ancient seaport of Jaffa, see Tel Aviv's first neighbourhood and witness the magnificence of Masada at sunrise. Visit the magical city of Jerusalem where you will enjoy a traditional Shabbat, place a wish in the western Wall and explore the Kotel Tunnels; and visit one of the most poignant, heart-breaking places on Earth – Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial.


Rafting down the Jordan River, swim in the Kinneret, abseil down a raging waterfall, float in the Dead Sea, snorkel in the exotic Red Sea, trek through the Galil and the Golan Heights, cook and sleep under the stars in the desert...and lots, lots more!


You can make a real and lasting difference to the lives of young Israelis who are less fortunate than we are. Plan and run activities for the Israeli kids and volunteer by packing food for the homeless and help a community in need. On Israel tour, you will not only see how your life changes over the course of the tour, but you will also be part of a group that changes the lives of others both young and old, those less fortunate and those in need.


The friends you make on Israel Tour will not just be your friends for life, but part of a community and extended family that will be a part of your future. Straight after Tour is the JLGB National Summer Camp and you can carry on your adventure for another 8 days!


Israel has given the world some of the greatest thinkers and leaders in history, stretching all the way back to the time of Abraham, Moses and David, and we will look at the teachings of modern-day legends like Golda Meir, Theodor Herzl and David Ben-Gurion to develop your own style of leadership which you can take back to your local JLGB groups.


Israeli society has a diverse range of people and cultures and you will immerse yourself into the Bedouin way of life, spend a night under the stars and experience how the century-old Nomads go about their everyday life in the desert. Enjoy a mouth-watering Druze-style feast, and visit Shorashim, a communal settlement in the Lower Galilee where you'll get the chance to meet young Israeli Arabs to find out just what life is like for them.

Furthermore, Israel is one of the world’s leading innovators – at the cutting edge of technological advances. You will get the chance to explore this tech capital, discovering the IT wizardry, defence and medical advancements that make Israel’s future bright.

The current itinerary for JLGB #ISRAEL Tour 2018 is still being finalised – being kept fresh and modern!

Check out our dedicated JLGB #ISRAEL Tour 2018 microsite and APPLY NOW @ www.jlgb.org/israel

Should you require any further information regarding JLGB #ISRAEL Tour or any other JLGB programmes, please email israel@jlgb.org or call 020 8989 8990. 

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