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JLGB Israel Tour

Georgia’s Journey

On JLGB #ISRAEL Tour, every person’s journey matters.

Georgia Burton, from West Hampstead, was a participant on JLGB #ISRAEL Tour 2015. Check out her personal story here.

“In July 2015, I went to Israel along with 32 other teenagers my age, with JLGB. Before boarding our flight to Israel, we completed two days in the UK, which were filled with activities to help us get to know one another. I found that this was beneficial as it helped us all feel at ease and we all became really friendly from the start.

We toured around Israel doing the most unforgettable things and meeting new people everywhere we went. We slept in Bedouin tents, out in the Negev desert, with host families in Sderot and on the field during Gadna. There was no part of tour I enjoyed the most, however, there are certain moments I know I will cherish forever.

Staying with families and Israeli teenagers in Sderot was definitely a highlight as not only were they so generous, caring and fun but it was so intriguing learning about how they live under such different circumstances to myself, at home in London. We got on really well with them all and I know I’ll be back to visit!

Sleeping in the desert was overwhelmingly beautiful it’s almost quite difficult to describe. We stayed in the same area as an American tour group with whom we also got on very well and chatted the night away. The night sky was divine, I was in awe, and the peace and the openness of the desert was so contrary to the busy city London life, I appreciated it so much.

A final favourite memory was the second time we visited the Kotel, a few days before heading home. Although it was an emotional evening, being altogether as one family, singing songs, laughing, smiling, reflecting over the past few weeks and valuing the holiness of the Kotel made it such a happy and priceless moment which will always remain a profound memory.

I could write so much more about the camel riding, watersports, hikes, volunteering, the people and the rest of our adventures, but I must admit that it would definitely be better experiencing it first hand. I highly recommend JLGB Israel tour, a truly special trip, unlike no other. Make the same un-regrettable decision I did and sign up now!”

Check out our dedicated JLGB #ISRAEL Tour 2018 microsite and APPLY NOW @ www.jlgb.org/israel

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