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Across Jewish schools alone over 2000 pupils are involved in national volunteering awards each year, and it continues to grow! Schools play a vital role in encouraging volunteering, and evolve is designed to make managing youth volunteering easier for teachers.
The innovative online system removes paper based administration, makes connections between young people and charities easier to manage and has tools to cross-manage pupil teams, form groups and classes so that the time teachers spend on volunteering and social action is for the direct benefit of young people and their award success.

What will evolve do for my school or college?

• evolve is designed specifically to make volunteering easier and more rewarding for young Jewish people. By meeting their faith and cultural needs, young people need no longer worry about finding a suitable volunteering role.
• Our enthusiastic and knowledgeable team can organise and deliver volunteering sessions, activity and enrichment days and charity volunteering fairs to complement your school’s Citizenship, PSHE and Jewish Studies curriculum.
• Your students will learn and develop new transferable skills and grow in confidence and resilience, whilst also developing a lifelong sense of community responsibility, social action and active citizenship. New skills will boost their CV and UCAS applications and help them to stand out!

What makes evolve different?

evolve takes volunteering into the digital age. Your students will each get a personal profile designed specifically around them; it’s now easier than ever before to keep track of all volunteering, awards, training and experiences in one place…
• Teachers, too, will have their own profile. You can measure the impact and outcomes of volunteering in your school allowing you to see the results with ease through a whole host of digital widgets. Furthermore, teachers in your school can manage and ‘batch process’ volunteering hours on behalf of your students, saving you time, stress and paperwork!
• Hundreds of charities also have evolve profiles, facilitating direct connection between young people, charities and teachers - as well as recognising the volunteering and skills gained through youth movements, community groups and synagogues.
• Hundreds of location specific, age-appropriate and meaningful volunteering opportunities are easy to find. Youth volunteering as it should be: easy, accessible, faith-sensitive, flexible and fun!
How do I become an evolve teacher?
For full details see the evolve website www.jlgb.org/evolve
or contact the evolve team on 020 8989 5743 or e-mail evolve@jlgb.org 

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