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Youth Workers

In today’s interactive world, young people give back to society through many different routesmost notably through their schools, youth groups and via their synagogues. For the first time, evolve provides a unique and collaborative way for youth professionals and community groups to facilitate and manage young people’s non-linear approach to volunteering through multiple channels, helping them to count their contribution wherever, whenever and with whom they volunteer towards nationally recognised awards and qualifications.

What will evolve do for my group and its members?

• Wherever and whenever young people give back to society or develop new skills, their achievements can be counted and recognised under one passport, where they also get exclusive access to a huge database of 100% youth and faith-friendly volunteering opportunities.
• evolve gives you as a youth worker or coordinator the ability to map your young people’s achievements to existing awards
– whatever they are doing, they can get recognised! 
• Map your existing training (hadracha) to nationally recognised accreditation modules to turn your leadership training in to real
qualifications – helping your young people to develop transferrable skills to add to their UCAS form and enhance their employability

What makes evolve different?

evolve takes volunteering into the digital age. The easy-to-use evolve system makes volunteering a more personal experience, easier
to do and more beneficial than ever before…
• evolve is designed specifically to make volunteering easier and more rewarding for young Jewish people, and first and foremost takes into account faith and cultural needs, meaning young people need no longer worry about finding a suitable volunteering role which can be sourced online by location, charity cause, skills wanted, gender needs and times of the week.
• Instantly generate impact reports about your group to enable you to monitor trends in young people’s volunteering and report on the outcomes you have helped to achieve in the community and for young people.
• Fun, appropriate and meaningful volunteering opportunities are easy to find, and you can batch upload hours, progress reports
and accreditation evidence for whole groups of young people to save you time! 
How do I become an evolve youth worker?
For full details see the evolve website www.jlgb.org/evolve
or contact the evolve team on 020 8989 5743 or e-mail evolve@jlgb.org 

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